The cannabis collective for passionate Canadian women.

CWIC-ly: a little about us

Canadian Women in Cannabis—or CWIC (pronounced ‘quick’)—is a non-profit collective of women (and women-identifying folk) who want to be co-creators of their own cannabis experience in Canada. We’re building a social movement for the acceptance of the historically feminine nature of cannabis and for the de-stigmatization of it in the spaces we live and breathe. By collaborating, sharing, and amplifying our voices, CWIC members aim to advocate for fair, equal, and considerate cannabis laws across the great white north. 

And we aim to do it like the bad ass women we are. 

Find out when we open the doors:

We believe in

Fair, equal, and reasonable laws and a balanced legalized regime around cannabis

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Gender equality, inclusivity, and diversity so that we can all prosper

Diverse women of cannabis 
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Cannabis knowledge and production of new research around cannabis use

Public education programs for all

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Write her-story with us


Through safe events, private communities, and exclusive access to other women with similar questions and life experiences, CWIC aims to harbour a sustainable sisterhood where connection is the key to effecting positive change. We believe that by sharing resources, helping each other out, and genuinely being #dopeladies, we all win.


The cannabis industry can be a very patriarchal place: bro culture, big business, surf lifestyles and investment interest can create deserts of space, despite women being consistently represented as 52% of cannabis consumers. CWIC wants to amplify the power of the community we build together to emphasize our needs, values, and the dreams we have for our future. 


We’re co-creators of the CWIC journey with you. By providing forums for discussion, advocacy, and insight, we believe that the industry can only improve in quality and consideration for women as consumers, patients, activators, business people, and employees. By sharing the information we have and bringing a light to women’s cannabis needs, we help the industry see a more holistic way forward.


Femininity. Empathy. Healing. Growth. Respect. The cannabis plant has long been linked to feminine energy, in both woo-y and non-woo camps. CWIC wants this herstory to remain at the forefront of the conversation. We’ll always aim to promote the healing capacities of cannabis and the importance for women to be informed, aware, and access correct information to make decisions for their families. 

Join the sisterhood

We’re not quite ready to roll out all the goods to the public yet, but here’s a sneak peek:

  • Connect with fellow sisters and cannabis connoisseurs on our private facebook group and at local events 
  • Promote and find supporters for your cannabis advocacy topics, join our advocacy panel, and support the evolution of Canadian cannabis laws
  • Share your love of and belief in cannabis as a healing, feminine, holistic medicine and life-balancer
  • Showcase your local events and promotions to the Canadian women’s cannabis collective
  • Explore connections with women who have similar questions, beliefs, and ideas as you in a warm, supportive environment
  • Support the industry in welcoming, accepting, and promoting incredible women to positions of influence, to help guide the progression of safe cannabis consumption, promotion, sales, and growth

Whether you’re a business woman, a student, a mother, a patient, an activist, an educator, a healer or a medical practitioner, we want your voice as part of our song. We plan to regularly poll our members on their thoughts about cannabis legislation, and have direct connections to government groups that can create impact for us all. We want to hear your story, and we want you to be part of our journey. 

What does being a CWIC member look like?

  • Individual sisterships
  • Business memberships

If you're interested in a sponsorship or want to provide some feedback on our membership options, please contact

Ready to vibe with us?

Like we said, we’re not quiiiiiite there yet, but drop your name and best email down there, and we’ll send an email your way when we’ve got all the perks and promises packaged up for you. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to to let us know what you’d love to have as part of the membership. 

We believe that cannabis is all about co-creation, relationships, and finding what feels good and what you need… so help us help you and get in touch!

Get introduced to dope women:

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